I will be revealing ideas, dreams and methods that I use as an artist. Please share your own creative process. Together we will keep the creative fire's burning bright! Victoria Faern Montgomery

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June in Southern California

I am introducing my lovely eleven year old cat, JEBBA.(seen above)

It's JUNE! We have "June Gloom" along the beach areas of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, and Malibu. Also referred as "socked in", a weather anamoli that describes the fog bank that comes every year in June.

I look forward to the warm weather. I love painting outside. I sometimes will sit along the Venice beach canals. It's a lovely, quiet area, with small bridges and wonderful light.
The Santa Monica Pier is also a fun place to paint (and people watch) The watercolor below was done last June on a misty, foggy day.
Happy June! Let's get busy, and paint many beautiful, summertime paintings. 

I am really enjoying getting to know many of you in the Google reader section of this blog. I also appreciate your comments. I'll be able to comment on your blogs in July 09. I am completing my Doctorate of Spiritual Science, Practical Treatise. Graduating July, 2009. 
Much Love and Light, Victoria Faern Montgomery


  1. Beautiful your works and the cat, too! Have a nice sunday, Arianna!

  2. you hav e a lovely work ! i have a cat that is 19 years old ! it is always nice to have then around , isn't it?

  3. ....Beautiful, lovely cat!!!! and also you, are very lovely!! thank for your visit to my blog, dear friend!!!!!one kiss from Roma...