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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keeping Spirit's BRIGHT

This is a watercolor of citrus fruits. My intention was to keep my colors bright. I experimented and used a very expensive paper that is used for printmaking I use it when making watercolor, mono-prints. The paper is brilliant white and because it absorbs pigments quickly, my shadows have a layered look to them. In studying Cezanne's watercolors, One can see the way he would apply flat strokes of color. Using lighter colors and then layering his pigments. I used this technique and altered the effect by applying them on wet paper.

I am graduating on July 2, 2009. I will be wearing a cap and gown and receive a Doctorate Degree. A Doctor of Spiritual Science. If interested you can check out PTS.org and inquire about the DSS program. 


  1. Beautiful!! Have a nice 2 July, Arianna

  2. Hi, Lucca is beautiful, even though I live in a country dinstant only 6 km...thanks for your comment, have a nice day, Arianna!

  3. Somos vizinhos la na PAOLA! Gostei do teu blog!
    "Lettori Fissi" ? te espero ok!
    é PUCCI não Gucci!

  4. It really comes off bright. Very interesting feel to it. nice job.

  5. Un lavoro molto bello, i colori pur se intensi mantengono la trasparenza dell'acquerello, gli accostamenti sono decisi e riusciti, le velature d'ombra creano atmosfera e profondità. Dici che la carta ti ha aiutata, ma tu hai lavorato proprio bene! Ciao.

  6. oh, the colors are wonderful, and I love how watercolor-y the whole effect is!