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Friday, January 8, 2010

Variation of an Antique Teapot

My grandmother's writing desk has been converted into my drawing desk. I have a cubby for my pencils, one for my Moleskine drawing journals, drawers for erasers and clips. It's a perfect little desk to inspire me to draw every day.

I call this one a Baroque Teapot. It was created with watercolor and a collage of newspaper print and a pen and ink cherub's.

My Grandmothers Teapot is a traditional watercolor.
Batik Teapot is a watercolor and I used an East Indian wood block to create the background.
The painting below is a watercolor painted on Yuppo paper


  1. A very nice cubby, Faern, I'd like to own one like that. Perhaps I could have more ideas for my watercolour. Really I never know what to do!

  2. I like the variations, very creative. The pot with the wood block background is my favorite.
    Sunny :)

  3. I bet that's inspiring to sit down at Grandma's desk to do your artwork. Several years ago at my school, I asked if I could have this traditional old wooden teacher's desk that I happened to see in the storage building. Nobody wanted it because the finish was a little roughed up and the desktop was really rough (but the janitor sanded it for me...) I've had it for 10 years now, and even made them move it when I switched buildings! It inspires me every day. :) So I know you're enjoying your art desk! Love your artwork too!

  4. Thanks Mario, Sunny and Katherine!!! Yes my grandmothers desk does inspire me. Looking at your art work also gets me motivated!

    Happy New Year

  5. Hello Faern, may I say that I find the "Baroque Teapot" so wonderful. Felicitation!
    All the best, Verena