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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watercolor by Faern Montgomery

How is everyone doing? I have just enough to pay the rent. Taxes are paid and so far up to date on paying bills. I lowered my Health Insurance by half the amount. Has anyone spent some time really examining your credit card statement (I now have only one card) I found many items that were charging me a monthly fee. I'm in the skin care business and I will sometimes try samples of new products. Free for one month but here's the catch in small print. EMPTY JARS must be returned or You'll be charged. So I've been calling companies and having chats to end these extra amounts of money on my card. 
I have an interview at a Sports Clinic. Not sure how an Esthetician will fit in a Sports medicine clinic but I do Lymphatic Spa treatments. Humans are so adaptable. I am getting to see us all doing the hussle.  
Hope springs eternal etc,
Faern signing off

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  1. Fearn, I enjoyed your blog. You have a wonderful sense of colour.